about us

we are a young, ambitious company from the Switzerland, which focuses on the optimization and new creation of products in the sports area specialized. At first will focus on Soccer but we are not averse to entering new sectors in sport.
We try the athletes New opportunities in the area of Equipments to offer the dem athlete best possible through good quality advantage

We want you to
best possible support give so you can fully focus on your Game can concentrate. With high-quality equipment and our commitment to quality you always will trust have in us that we support you in every situation. As former high-performance athlete we know how important High quality material and equipment for athletes. It should not only be comfortable
but also high-quality! The most important thing, however, is trust in the product! We have it to ourselves
Task made to you in every situation, whether im competition or Training, to give the optimal hold. Hence our slogan: WE HOLD YOU PLAY! We keep you with it in every situation
you can fully concentrate on your game.